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So, Cireson has been hard at work to fill a few gaps present within the Service Manager space. Cireson has created an application called My Active Work Items to bring all information assigned to your user token in one place. For Service Manager 2010, you could create the Work Items assigned to Me view. This was a good start for SCSM 2010 and this continues to work with SCSM 2012. However, with SCSM 2012, there are a few shortcomings of this view. The Work Items assigned to Me, it only shows some very limited information and this view cannot be edited.


Please make no error, this view is helpful and can provide the required information. It is still context driven on the right hand pane.

But now, enter My Active Work Items. Below is a screenshot to give you an idea of how it looks. I will then look at individual aspects.


If you have multiple work items of the Same type, For example, Incidents, they will be grouped together. In the Screenshot below, I have created 2 incidents to demonstrate this.


the pane below the “My Active Work Items” provides all information needed about the highlighted work item at a glance.


All the other features associated to the Highlighted work item are available as a right click context item. I will show a few examples below.



Review Activity




Change Request


Also note the “My Active Work Items” context menu which allows easy to the creation of any type of Work Item.


The installation and configuration of My Active Work Items is very simple and quick. The installation instructions provided are clear and concise and the settings, found under Administration –> Settings can be easily tweaked and changed to suit your needs.

If you have looked at my previous Cireson Group Assign post, you will see that the AD Groups leveraged within that Service Manager application can be leveraged again.


All in all, Cireson have a great application with My Active Work Items and I would highly recommend it for any Service Manager 2012 installation. It also work with Service Manager 2012 Service Pack 1.

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So, there are a few ways of tackling the issue of automatically closing Incidents/Change Requests within Service Manager. Most of these solutions rely on a script leveraging SMLets. So you would create a script and then create a workflow and end up importing the Management Pack into Service Manager. The issue with this is the following, it is quite time consuming and should change under the hood with Service Manager, like the changes from 2010 to 2012, your script will most likely stop working. You can look at the TechNet Gallery for replacement scripts.

So, here enters something new I have found compliments of Cireson, a nice FREE tool which allows for easy configuration of “Auto-Close” not just of Incidents but of Work Items in General. Takes a few minutes to download and even easier to setup. It simply changes the status of the Work Items to completed/closed and then you standard Workflows will kick in.

I HIGHLY recommend this simple add-on for System Centre Service Manager 2012

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