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I have finally found some time to look some more into DPM and decided to modify my environment and created some additional PROTECTION GROUPS. I am particularly chuffed as I have not done this before. Make no error, I have used DPM extensively for mailbox recoveries (Execs and other users crying about loosing items), recovering of databases and VHD (see some of my previous posts). So back to my point, the Protection groups were created without any hassle and now I have a dedicated SharePoint Protection Group.

See below, an extract from a script from Scripting Repository, many thanks to it’s author


I did however run into a few hiccups and have learnt a few amount Smile

There are a few pre-reqs that are needed before the Sharepoint Protection Group can be created.

ConfigureSharePoint.exe must be run on the server were WSS / MOSS is located.

The SharePoint VSS writer must be started and the SQL VSS Writer must be started.

Then, if like me, you had protected the SQL databases separately, these WSS / MOSS databases will need to be removed from the Protection Group.

Then a few pieces are added, see screenshot below.


It does not look like much, however if you look at the “Recovery Options”, it will look a little more familiar with a few more familiar databases.


Hopefully this helps you


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