Service Manager–Are my changes to management packs taking effect?

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized



So now onto some “basics” or nice to know about Service Manager.

Some of these I have learnt the hard way and some have been given to me as valuable information to avoid some mishaps if you will.

1. Management Packs, so just about everything you do with Service Manager involves the modification of the Management Pack that the item is contained in. For example, you create a workflow and you then modify the “Enabled” value of the workflow to enabled/disabled in the console. How do you know for certain that the workflow or just about anything you modified has taken effect.

Simple, the event log is your friend and the Event IDs to look out for are the following.

Event ID:1201

This indicates that a change has been made.



Event ID: 1210

This indicates that the change is now in effect.




So, if you are not seeing these 2 Event IDs some more investigation is needed.

Hope this helps,

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