SCSM and Powershell

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Powershell
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Hi all,

i have been playing with SMLets3 and get-scsmobject and using information from the post by Travis Wright, Using SMLets Beta 3 Post #1 – Using Get-SCSMObject, Get-SCSMClass to Dump Data from SCSM. This is an amazing post and I have been able to create a script that queries all Cases created after a certain date. It then gives you the breakdown of Open, Closed, Resolved and other status cases, which is then e-mailed to you. I will continue to play with this and post more as I am able to create more scripts. My first script can be found here, SCSMCallBreakDownWithEMail. As I update the scripts and create more, I will let everyone know.

I am also starting to focus on Active Directory again, and I am working on some handy scripts.

Until Then,



  1. Terence says:

    I have also just started discovering the awesomeness that is Powershell, but on the SQL side.

  2. […] my previous post, SCSM And Powershell, I mentioned that I am now starting to play with get-scsmobject. In this post I also created a […]

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