The “crisis” week

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Technology
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Hi All,

The last two weeks have been a little nutty for me. I have however, learnt to appreciate a few more things in life.

1. No matter how good your planning for DR, there is always that one thing that catches you. We have a generator, which is great Smile. Now, when we cutover from generator power to mains power and then the main building power trips, life becomes interesting. It is especially interesting when you have a UPS and it takes the load after your building has tripped. So now your enclosure is running on UPS power and then the UPS fails Confused smile

2. DPM has once again proved itself to me. I was able to restore and recover the VHD and get my Cluster up and running again with NUMEROUS VMs.

3. I am sure that everyone knows this, but DAMN, a hard shutdown (see point 1) of a cluster hurts. Thanks goodness our SAN was not hurt as well. The correct RAID config which allows for 3 failed drives. Especially when you loose 1 drive due to the shutdown.

4. SCVMM does not really like a hard shutdown of a cluster (see point 1 again) and machines being in a “saved”, for us, this was especially tricky.

More to come on SCSM 2010, now starting to play with Get-SCSMObject with smlets and get-scsmobject, the SCSM Engineering Team Blog is a fantastic resources and many thanks go out to the people who run and maintain this site, it is a gold mine.

Related sites,

A few great people to follow on twitter, all of them (that I know of, still finding more al the time), are a fountain of knowledge.






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