Service Manager and all the tricks I have learnt

Posted: March 4, 2011 in System Center, Uncategorized

It has been some time since I last blogged, been a really nutty time. however i will make the time to blog and hopefully who ever reads this, it will be of assistance to them.

The lessons I have learned thus far.

1. Label all your workflows properly, this cost me a case with MS Support only to discover that all workflows and NOW notifications are grouped together. I am assuming that this is to aid the troubleshooting process should something go wrong.

2. A lot of tweaking and customization is actually needed, there are some great tools available for this. There is the System Center Service Manager Authoring Tool SP1 which is a great help. There is also SMLets, which is a collection of Powershell Cmdlets designed for Service Manager. I would not be able to function correctly without this collection of tools, you can do many things with this tool.

a.Force-Activate a case once it has been closed, should a user come back and claim that the case is NOT Resolved, click here for the link.

b, Automatically close “Resolved” cases after a certain period of inactivity. Click here for more information. I also took it a step further and used a great application called PowerWF and used this link to create the MP, it did need some tweaking though.

c. Implement the changes slowly, as this product will be a lot for the END Users to come to grips with.

3. The original e-mail setup with SCSM (NO Service Pack) will only work with e-mail enabled users with your Exchange Organization. I cannot as yet comment on the System Center Service Manager – Exchange Connector. I will let you know soon.


Keeping it short and sweet for now.




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