How a LLOONNGG weekend feels so short

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Family


The long weekend has come and gone and I hope that everyone enjoyed it.

However, it is truly spectacular how short a long weekend can feel so short.

Do not get me wrong, I got a lot done and somehow managed to spend some quality time with my girlfriend, Karien, and got something very important to her completed. I also managed to spend some with the grandparents, mom and uncle all within a few days. It did involve some travelling to Mpumalanga and back and clocking up somewhere around 500 KMS in the process. With the new Jazz, with climate control, panoramic roof and good company, the travelling was easy and enjoyable. The car was loaded, 4 up and boot packed to capacity. The Jazz never fails to impress. 6L/100kms there and 5.7L/100kms on the way back. However the trip back was quite an experience, where has patience on the road gone? I mean overtaking people, swerving in front of them because people are TOO STUPID to gear down when overtaking, and in the process, almost killing a family member. WTF???!?!

Anyways, all is well, got there and back in one piece with not too many incidents, got to do a braai, had good food, some good quality family time. All is good.



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