Kiosk Roll-out Part I

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Uncategorized


So after a thankfully uneventful flight to Cape Town. The fun and games really began.

Mission: Deploy machines and get them ready for the kiosk.

This may sound simple and in theory is quite simple, add in the headache of static IP address and no real database to maintain these (thankfully I found Solar Winds IP Tracker, what a great FREE program) and it becomes a little challenging. Once we had deployed our first image we discovered that our image was joined to the domain already and with an IP address already. NOT useful. Anyways, we added a few steps to our rollout plan and 4 hours later, we had 31 machines imaged and ready to go.

So after a long’s day work, leaving the depot after 7, we decided it was CHOW time, just down the road from us is a Cantina Tequila. Seem like a good bet, had a few drinks and some Mexican food, I like SPICY food not HOT food, the chow was great and the beers were even better. You know how beers taste so much better after a hard day’s work.

More to follow soon.



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