“To roll out or not to roll out”

Posted: December 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

It has indeed been a very busy time here in the office. We are in the process of going from an un-managed environment to a managed environment and like most new things, there are hiccups and snags. These “snags” and “hiccups” are what make something like this roll-out worth while. The learning curve is amazing. I have learnt more about this environment in the last few days than I have in the last few weeks. There is indeed an end in sight. That is what I keep telling myself and so far I seemed to have fooled myself into believing that. LOL!!!! So now, the snag on this rollout is NOW quite annoying and has to do with CERTS and encryption. This just happens to lead me into the technology section of my Blog. I always try to add some technological value to anyone who has preserved and continue to read my Blog. I have been able to crack open a cert and get a private key from it. Please keep in mind, that the machine I got the cert from, I was an administrator and had the required permission. OpenSSL is a great tool for approaching this, there is a lot of information out there regarding this. I have listed some of these below to make your life a little easier.



Anyways, we eventually came right after MUCH reading, we discovered that there is actually no solution to our problem as there was a SLIGHT hiccup with the one process.


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