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Posted: December 8, 2009 in Family



It has been some time since I last updated my Blog. It has however been a VERY busy time for me.

A lot has happened, in my private life, my “family” life and my professional life. I will cover these all in time. I might do some jumping around while I gather my thought. Please be patient, this might be a long blog, but I do, however, think it will be worthwhile.

So, to start with, I have moved into a new place and I am still in the process of settling in and the like. Moving into a place onto an upper level with a narrow banister forcing you to carry all the big and heavy stuff almost above your head is NOT fun. Who needs gym anyway when you are moving. The place is coming together very nicely. The progress is slow but worthwhile. Stuff is being moved around in an attempt to find the best spot. The rooms have been re-arranged a few times, but I think that we are pretty much settled in terms of location. Now, it is time to locate all the objects around it, the slow “niggly” things. It is beginning to look like a HOME and no longer a house. A slight but very IMPORTANT difference. Some pictures will follow soon. Need to get the place to a reasonable condition before taking photos, like I said, “Been a bit hectic the last few days”.



Now, for the work life. Where to start? Does “organized chaos” mean anything to anyone. This saying the last little while has never rung more true. Between working 60-75 hour weeks and the like and the moving. Sleep has been a precious commodity. One that I have now truly learnt to value and treasure. If I manage to get around 5 1/2 hours of sleep, I am lucky and can function at a fairly reasonable level, or such that, people around me do not notice it. This is a good thing. The implementations and changes happening in my environment are VAST and will be truly helpful, so a little bit of patience and a LOT of PERSERVERENCE will get me through this. Right now, it is a case of one day at a time.

As always ( I have missed some ), I had done some research (read, needed a tool to do something) and found something quite nice. For those of you out there clued up to the SkyDrive concept. Have you ever wanted to copy stuff to your SkyDrive via a drive letter in Windows Explorer? My answer, is of course, yes. So I bring you GladiNet Cloud Desktop, it is a great little app and mount to a few “Cloud Drives”. I am currently using it for my SkyDrive.

Gladinet Cloud Drive

skydrive 1

skydrive 2-1



Now, for the biggest thing in terms of family and the like. Our family has now grown a little bigger. My cousin, Tarynne Goldberg, has gotten married. Russel Willis is indeed a very lucky man. They seem to fit quite nicely and there appears to be genuine happiness. The ceremony itself was amazing. The service was conducted by Tazzy’s brother (my cousin), Jason Goldberg. It was a moving ceremony and had the “personal” touch for an obvious reason. It was a decent length and well thought out and very well presented. The venue that was chosen, Moon and Sixpence, is truly stunning and well worth the small amount of gravel road. The photographer was also very professional, allowing friends and family to take as many photos as they please and working around them and getting some truly amazing shots. Next stop, reception. The menu was superb, well thought out and very tasty, the portions were generous. No one left hungry. The whole day was a roaring success and I wish both Tazzy and Russel all the best.

Taz Wedding Collage

Fast forward one day and now it is time for the family to go back home (PE, the windy city being their home base). They took off and flew all the way to PE and after two failed landing attempts, the aircraft was re-routed to Bloemfontein of all places. Add in a waiting period of 2 hours (stuck in the aircraft), only after some people threatened violence, were the passengers allowed out for a short while. A decision was made and everyone was put back onto the plane after re-fuelling and “shipped” back to JHB. So they ended up back at my mom’s place and two of them at my place waiting to be dropped off at the airport AGAIN. Once again, another early morning as I managed to get my “cargo” (no pun intended) back to the airport at 6. I have also since discovered that my family is now back, safe and sound, in PE. So everything is back to “Organized Chaos”.



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