“Boxed In”

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Technology


It has been absolutely crazy the last few weeks, but it has also been amazing at the same time. I am one of those people that does not like to be bored. I like to be busy but I also like to work smart. The old saying, “Work smarter, not harder” has always rung true for me. In the last little while I have installed 8 Blade servers (6 ProLiant BL460c and 2 ProLiant BL680c. Not the world’s fastest task when doing this via ILO and virtual devices. However ILO is truly a great thing when working in remote sites. It allows you to see the console as if you were working in front of the machine, including restarts and BIOS and the like. ILO is truly a great tool. However if you are like me, and like having one place to do a lot of your work, an “integrated” console if will. Enter a new program I have been using and truly love.

Remote Desktop Manager. now to be honest, I spent the $20 to get the extra functionality not present in the FREE standard edition. This programs allows to save information about the servers/workstation you are connecting to. It also supports multiple protocols.


As you can see, there are many protocols and even the command prompt is exposed for you. So you can create a cmd script to reboot the machine and store in a useful logical manner.

the link for the application is below. If you are a techie, I would highly recommend you check it.



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