The value of D.I.Y.

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Uncategorized


Been a couple interesting few days for me.

I have been offline for a while, in other words, I have not updated the blog in a little while.

I been searching for a new place, YES, the time has come to move again. Found a nice place and have started all the paperwork. The process is slow and long. However, the agents that I have been using are VERY efficient and the process is been quite pleasant and the agency seems to quite understanding. This is truly a breath of fresh air. Below are some pics of the place I am taking. This has other people stuff in it. None of the stuff in the place is mine, so please keep the comments to a minimum.

Now for the reason for the post and the true value of D.I.Y.


I am quite sure that a lot of you know, having a little bit of DIY sense pays HUGE dividends. With just the sort of luck I have been having as of late. On Saturday, someone decided to re-model my bike and cause some damage to my bike :(.

Ok, so you can see the damage is not too terrible. I have a little bit of damage to myself. So, being who I am, decided to get the bike fixed as quickly as possible. I managed to get a hold of Honda and get some prices. YIKES!!!! Fortunately enough I was expecting a little bit of a shock. That little piece of plastic lying on the floor = R6000.00. So after all said and done, I was in for R8000.00. Yes, the bike is fixed and I am dying (no one is to take that literally please) to get back onto the bike. Tomorrow, I am in the car, to replace the windscreen. Like I said, having some funky luck as of late. The finished product compliments of DIY and not getting HUGE labour costs. See below.

Until the next update,



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