What a wonderful IDEA(pad)

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

I finally got my Ideapad back from the supplier after the video card decided to die on me. Getting it back was not the easiest as I ended up doing a lot of the legwork, or should I say phone-work. However all that aside, the Ideapad is running well, VERY well.

Now onto business, Windows 7 (Professional) and the Ideapad seem to be made to fit each other. The Windows 7 install went very well with no hiccups whatsoever. The only unidentified device was very easily sorted, thanks to the guys and gals and all the great information on http://www.s10lenovo.com/ , it is truly a source for everything you need when it is comes to the Lenovo Ideapads. Found an application “Energy Cut” which installs the unknown device and enables all the great settings for the power management, the one thing that the Ideapad does AMAZINGLY well, is control it’s battery usage. I was able to install Windows 7 and other software as well as do Windows Updates while connected to wireless, which further consumes battery power. All of that on the residual charge left in the battery after my above-mentioned supplier did rigorous testing to pacify myself. 🙂

This is just a quick update, more to follow soon.



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