Fully Connected (done)

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Uncategorized


So, with the weekend just passed. I got fully connected and got to try something new 🙂 (always a plus for me).

I got to play (and get working) WDS (Wireless Distribution System). This is also got another hiccup sorted for me.  This hiccup quite simple out was that my XBOX 360 does NOT have the Wireless Connector, so as per a previous blog entry. ICS was my friend with my XBOX 360 connected directly to my laptop.


Now, I finally got my B970, welcome to a fully connected network.

I have a wireless router with my PS3 and XBOX 360 connected to it. So no need for the wireless connector on the XBOX 360.

I also have a 8 port switch in my computer room, with 2 machines and my printer and the B970 connected to this.

On both routers I have “Wireless Bridge” mode enabled and both routers broadcasting the same SSID and on the same channel. So what I hear you ask.


This give me full connectivity with 2 separate wireless routers with 1 connected to a switch. So bottom line, I can have all my consoles and machines and server connected to the internet at the same time in simple controlled manner.

I am EXTREMELY chuffed. 🙂


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