Finally, fully connected (pending)

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am now a few steps away from being fully connected in a far simpler way.

At the moment, the setup is as follows.

1 x Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller, see previous blog post for more details

1 x Windows 7 Ultimate Machine

1 x Windows 7 Professional (Netbook, more information to follow in a future blog post, I hope)

1 x Windows 7 Enterprise (work laptop)

1 x Personal laptop, not sure what to load onto this yet, decision pending.

1 x XBOX 360 (with update, see Microsoft fixes that FIX!!!!)

1 x PS3

1 x Wireless Router

Now the problem I have at the moment, is trying to get all these devices online. I have no ADSL at the moment, as I am planning a move soon. So I, of course, have 3G, but just the simple E220 (yes, I know it is old, but it works, and works well). So the current “solution”, if you can call it this, is multiple ICS setups with different devices and dial up  connections and interfaces. This can be quite a headache.

Some tips, which you may or may not know.

ICS = 192.168.137.x range, I am not sure why, it is just one of those things.

So you setup the Sharing on the interface, connect to the necessary networks. On the devices which you want to connect to the internet, the default gateway on the devices must be IP of the machines with “Connection Sharing”.

It is a bit complicated, but it does work.



The time has come again for the upgrade, DATA UPGRADE this time.

Bring on the B970 router, a little odd, but perfect solution.

HSDPA, HSUPA, nicely integrated and can be used as a modem as well.

They are so good, there is NO stock at the moment, so I might need to practice that horrible thing, that funny thing called PATIENCE!

Oh well. I can try for some patience, can’t wait to be fully connected in a far simpler way.


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