A technology catch up for me and Microsoft Fixes that FIX!!!!

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Uncategorized


As you can see from the title, this week I am playing catch-up a little, and would like to thank a friend for his patience with me when trying to get my XBOX live account, which at the moment is still a work in progress. This is due to the actual complexity of getting this right. I will however try to simplify this for you, with the information I have gleaned from multiple sources. 🙂

1. Make sure the locale of the account who wish to use for XBOX LIVE is set to something other than South Africa. United Kingdom seems to work quite well. If you are like me however and like to keep your Windows Live homepage looking like ZA, simple go into settings and change the weather location to Johannesburg, South Africa. Steps for changing the locale are below in screenshot form 🙂


Click More Options, bottom of the currently displayed menu.


Click Account

countryregion change

Change your country to one that will work with XBOX LIVE


Ok, now that that is sorted.

Hop onto your XBOX and sign in.

Great stuff, continue working thorough the Wizard and choose your subscription.

Now time to pay, let me guess, INVALID card details, you can try ‘til the cows come home. Not a UK credit card = not accepted.

I hear you say, “Fletcher you got yours working, how?”

To be honest, when I hit this snag, i used the “Call a friend” method, as mentioned earlier, said friend was VERY helpful.

www.evogames.co.za is the place you now want to visit. Some great prices and they give a code and run through the wizard again using the code and away you go. 🙂

I did all of the above to get avi’s to play on the XBOX 360. I know, I know, GEEK!!

Well, if there were people like me, information sharing would be a dream 🙂


Now for the more observant of you, you would see that the title included “Microsoft Fixes that Fix”

My XBOX has been playing up for a while, especially with Need For Speed Undercover. I would play for an hour to an hour and a half and I would get the “Disc Unreadable” thing, so switch and back on and carry on. Ever since getting the New Experience Pack and other odd fixes, all is GOOD in the world of XBOX 360. Playing Need For Speed Undercover for hours and hours without any issues. Maybe co-incidence, maybe the updates, either way I do not care, all is GOOD :).


So until the next update,


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