The weekend Technology advancement

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, living with the HO TouchSmart TX-2 can be a challenge, especially, when like me you decide that Windows Vista Home Premium just will not cut it. I mean “HELLO”, Windows 7 is out and it is far superior. The other things are only minor gripes. The keyboard for one is UK and we in good old sunny South Africa are used to the US layout, typing lots of e-mails like I do, can be a challenge when the @ sign all of a sudden is a “, the two are swopped around. Am I not challenged enough as it is?

Anyways, onto the more fun stuff, got my guitar hero swopped out for a set where the complete set of drums is 100% functional and have started on the DRUMMING path. On the topic of games, who can be a true geek and not buy Wolfenstein the second they see it? Not me, of course I bought, the grand-daddy of all shoot-em-ups, you betcha I bought, for PS3 of course 🙂 Just started, but it does not disappoint, that is why there can be only one. (Obscure Highlander reference, do I get extra points for that 🙂 )

The Media library is also being built and growing, and of course being stored on my Windows Home Server.

That is it for now.



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